Jingles "Audio Branding" by Errol Starr Francis

A jingle aka "Audio Branding"  is a short tune used in advertising and product branding. The jingle contains one or more hooks and meaning that explicitly promote the product being advertised, usually through the use of one or more advertising slogans. Ad buyers use jingles in radio and television commercials; they can also be used in non-advertising contexts to establish or maintain a brand image. Jingles are a form of sound branding.

Canada became a powerhouse in the jingle industry with legends such as Larry Trudel , Dolores Claman and Jerry Toth who produced some of the most memorable jingles we remember growing up with. " A place to Stand " , Mainly because of the Meat" and arguably the most recognized theme "Hockey Night in Canada".

Jingles create an Audio Brand for your business or Product that is instantly recognizable by the hook and tune, creating a jingle is a creative team effort that is built around the culture of the business and represents its place in time. Audio branding your business is an investment that is transferable across all types of media and can be delivered through various online strategies.

Errol Starr JinglesOur creative team is lead by Juno Award winner Errol Starr and his team of musicians. With a diverse crossing of culture, sounds of aliveness, danceable, devotional, divine, funky, rocking, hippie reggae stylings. Plenty of pleasing sounds, all with a loving vibration, Errol Starr can deliver a memorable hook to separate you from your competitors.

Juno Award winner Errol Starr Francis

Errol has spent all of his working life in the music industry. As a guitar player first, then as a vocalist/guitar player. He played and toured Ontario and later across Canada in the 1970's with rock bands, including Phaze, Actual Size, and Harbinger. In the early 1980's he went solo. After a period of writing and self-recording some early demos, a showcase of the material was arranged for the El Mocambo. As a result of that showcase, Errol went on to record an album, which had 3 singles that charted in the top 25 in Canada.

Award Winning Radio and Television Commercials

Since 1992 with his production studio and company Asoma Music Production, Errol has applied his writer-producer and great audio technical skills to create some award winning radio and television commercials, video projects and film scores. His years of experiences as a professional composer / producer and engineer has given Errol the unique ability to hear exactly what the client is after and He delivers it hands down.!!

Radio Broadcast Production Reel

Please have a listen to our Broadcast Production Reel to hear for yourself the unquestionable quality of our work. 

Radio Production Demo

Television and Film

Regenisis TV Series Demo

Asoma Film/TV Production Demo

Film, TV & Radio Portfolio

A state of the art digital recording and editing facility with the finest talent and expertise at the helm. We are fully equipped to handle any project big or small, from movie sound tracks and album projects to radio jingles and spoken word guided meditations or books on CD.

Spa Music Stream Services

Spa Music Stream is the digital Background Music Service that delivers great music to your your Spa, Health and Wellness, Reiki and Massage Business without the requirement to pay for a Music License. We carefully selects the world's best rights-inclusive music, organizes it, and makes it available through our easy to use, fully-featured digital service . >> TAKE OUR VIDEO TOUR <<

Current "Audio Branding" Production



Clients List

  • MyFM Radio
  • The New VR - TV
  • The Cool Hemp Company
  • Mapleton's Ice cream
  • Athens Communications (Caribbean Workout)
  • Morningstar Centre for the Healing Arts Video Productions
  • Yoga instructor Moira Nordholt (Firehorse Yoga)
  • Motion Picture Productions (Fitness Zone)